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Electric Jar Opener for Seniors- Automatic Bottle Opener - Hands Free Opener - Easily Powerful Kitchen Gadgets

Electric Jar Opener for Seniors- Automatic Bottle Opener - Hands Free Opener - Easily Powerful Kitchen Gadgets

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"Say Goodbye to Struggling with Jars: The Electric Jar Opener That Makes Life Easier" 

Features and Benefits:

  • Effortlessly opens jars of all sizes: Whether it's a small jam jar or a large pickle jar, this electric jar opener can handle them all. No more struggling with stubborn lids or asking for help to open a jar.
  • Easy to use: Simply place the jar on the device, press a button, and watch as the lid effortlessly twists off. It's that simple!
  • Safe and convenient: The electric jar opener is designed with safety in mind, so you can be sure that it's safe to use for everyone. Plus, it's compact and easy to store, so you can keep it in your kitchen without taking up too much space.
  • Saves time and energy: Instead of spending precious time and energy struggling to open jars, this electric jar opener does the work for you. You can use that saved time and energy to focus on other important things.

1. A can of any size can be opened easily by lightly pressing the green button, and can be stopped by pressing it again. It is easy to take out and clean.
2. The can opener is small in size and easy to carry. Just place it on the jar that needs to be opened, and then press the button to open it.
3. The shape of the product is simple and stylish, the gear opening design can be adjusted freely according to your preferences, and the edge is smooth
4. Made of high-quality ABS

Product Information:

  • Box size: 21.5*7*10.5
  • Style: modern and simple
  • Color: frosted white
  • Size: 19*7* 9.5 cm
  • Material: Plastic ABS
  • Packaging: color box
  • Weight per gram: 515 g

Packing List:

  • Electric bottle opener*1 



Tags: Electric Jar Opener, Automatic Bottle Opener for Seniors Weak Hands Women Child, Hands Free Opener, Easily Powerful Kitchen Gadgets


  • "I've struggled with opening jars for years due to arthritis in my hands. This electric jar opener has been a game-changer for me. I can now open jars without any pain or hassle." - Jane S.
  • "I never realized how much time I was wasting struggling with jars until I got this electric jar opener. Now, I can open jars in seconds and get on with my day. It's amazing!" - Tom B.


Q: Is the electric jar opener difficult to clean?
A: Not at all. It's designed to be easy to clean and maintain.

Q: Is it noisy?
A: No, it's surprisingly quiet when in use.

Q: Will it work on all types of jars?
A: Yes, it can open jars of all sizes and shapes, including plastic and metal jars.

Q: Is it safe for children to use?
A: While the electric jar opener is designed with safety in mind, it's always best to supervise children when using any kitchen appliances.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Major Roberts

I tried it with bottles and with jars. It works great!
many thanks
This is a very high quality product

Piper Stark

The device acts as a tractor going uphill. He pans, moans, but opens the jars. I do not know if these two AA batteries will last long, but for now I am glad that it opens.

Reed Wyman

The product is as described, it can handle the lids. But you still need to pry the lid to let the air in otherwise turns on the glass of the jar.

Thea Considine

Look Good and cope with their task. Sorry that not on the built-in battery with Type-C port :)

Jazlyn Wolff

Surprisingly, this opener works. It is necessary to hold on top so as not to jump off, since the lower jaws rest against the jar where the beveling already begins. And do not substitute fingers, it hurts when it breaks the tightly closed cover!

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