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Shipping Methods and Locations

Our International Shipping Provider

Together with our cooperation partners we offer fast international delivery shipping methods i.e. “Special Line” (9-15 business days)  or ” Premium Special Line” (5-10 business days – only for limited countries: France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom). With this method, items are always shipped first by air cargo and then using a local courier once they arrive in the country of destination.


Packages sent via Special Line can be easily tracked online. A customer can check the location of their packages from the time they leave the merchant to the time they reach the delivery address. This can be done at no additional charge for all Special Line packages. Use the tracking number associated with the order and easily track the shipment via the service provider

Size Requirements

One of the main benefits of Special Line shipping over ePacket is that Special Line has broader weights range. Special Line packages can be up to 66.1 pounds (30 kilograms).

Arrival Time

Packages shipped from China using Special Line services can reach their international arrival destination in 5-15 working days, or using Special Fast Lane approximately 3-8 working days. General speaking, with Special Line we can reach faster delivery than ePacket or other post shipping method. Sending with Regular Post Mail can reach their arrival destination in approx. 15-30 working days. Of course, as with other shipping methods, delays can occur during holidays.

Shipping Locations*

Special line shipping always starts in China and can end in different locations. And with more and more demands on quick delivery, Special Line is expanding its service every day in new countries. For now, the shipping lines span across:

No. 2-Letter Code COUNTRY Delivery Time
1 AT Austria approx. 9-15 Days
2 AU Australia approx. 9-15 Days
3 BE Belgium approx. 9-15 Days
4 BG Bulgaria approx. 9-15 Days
5 CH Switzerland approx. 9-15 Days
6 CY Cyprus approx. 15-30 Days
7 CZ Czech Republic approx. 9-15 Days
8 DE Germany approx. 5-10 Days
9 DK Denmark approx. 9-15 Days
10 EE Estonia approx. 9-15 Days
11 ES Spain approx. 9-15 Days
12 FI Finland approx. 9-15 Days
13 FR France approx. 5-10 Days
14 GB United Kingdom approx. 5-10 Days
15 GR Greece approx. 9-15 Days
16 HR Croatia approx. 9-15 Days
17 HU Hungary approx. 9-15 Days
18 IE Ireland approx. 9-15 Days
19 IT Italy approx. 5-10 Days
20 LT Lithuania approx. 9-15 Days
21 LU Luxembourg approx. 9-15 Days
22 LV Latvia approx. 9-15 Days
23 MT Malta approx. 15-30 Days
24 NL Netherlands approx. 9-15 Days
25 NO Norway approx. 9-15 Days
26 PL Poland approx. 9-15 Days
27 PT Portugal approx. 9-15 Days
28 RO Romania approx. 9-15 Days
29 SE Sweden approx. 9-15 Days
30 SI Slovenia approx. 9-15 Days
31 SK Slovakia approx. 9-15 Days

*Please note – For destinations outside mainland countries and on public holidays, shipping may take longer than normal.

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