Wireless Electric Eyes Massager Machine Eye Care (Bluetooth)

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Wireless Electric Vibrating Eyes Massager – Machine Eye Care

Mode: 5 (Integrated mode, Clear mode, Sleep mode, Vitality mode, Comfort mode) Air Pressure + Vibration + Hot Compress
Different Variations: Bluetooth Graphene (It generates heat through graphene), Bluetooth (It does not generate heat)


Wireless Electric Eyes Massager Machine Eye Care (Bluetooth) 79,90 84,90 


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Vibrating Electric Wireless Eye Massager, Heating Therapy, Air Pressure, Eye SPA, Bluetooth Music, Eyes Stress Relief, Device USB Recharge, Fold

⛱️ Relax anytime, anywhere 🥳 Use this eye massager with ✔️ 5 modes (built-in mode, clear mode, sleep mode, vitality mode, comfort mode) air pressure + vibration + hot compress for a perfect stress relieve!

“Transform Your Eye Health with Our Revolutionary Wireless Electric Eye Massager – Get Relief from Tired, Puffy Eyes in Minutes!”


  • Wireless and portable design for on-the-go use
  • Adjustable air pressure, heat therapy, and vibration functions
  • USB rechargeable battery for convenience
  • Ergonomic design for maximum comfort



  • Relieve eye strain and fatigue
  • Improve circulation and reduce puffiness
  • Relax and soothe tired eyes
  • Promote better sleep



  • Product name: Eye Massager
  • Rated voltage: DC 5V
  • Power: 3.4W
  • Power adapter: AC100-240V
  • Bluetooth: yes
  • Mode: 5 (Integrated Mode, Clear Mode, Sleep Mode, Vitality Mode, Comfort mode) Air Pressure + Vibration + Hot Compress


Available Variations:

  • Bluetooth (not heated)
  • Bluetooth Graphene (generates heat)


IMPORTANT: There are different variations to purchase available. Bluetooth Graphene (It generates heat through graphene), Bluetooth (It does not generate heat) – Choose the right one for you!!!


What you will get:

  • 1 x Eye Massager
  • 1 x Storage Pouch


Q & A:

  • Q: How to Turn the eye massager On/Off?
  • A: Press the power button for 3 seconds to turn on it or turn off. After turning on, the green light is on and enter into integrated mode.
  • Q: How to change massage modes?
  • A: Press the power button less than 1 second to change massage mode.
  • Q: How to connect Bluetooth and play music?
  • A: Open Bluetooth of your cell phone and search “YBY”, then connect and play music.
  • Q: Why does my massagere generates no heat?
  • A: There are different variations to purchase: a.) Bluetooth Graphene (It generates heat through graphene) or b.) Bluetooth (It does not generate heat). Chose the right one for you!



  • “I work long hours in front of a computer and my eyes were always tired and puffy. But this massager has been a game-changer! I use it every day and my eyes feel so much better.” – John D.
  • “I love this massager! It’s so convenient and easy to use. I can finally get relief from my tired eyes while on the go.” – Sarah M.



  1. Please do not use it when it is charging.
  2. Each massage modes has 15 mines time setting. It will stop working automatically.
  3. It shows red indicator light when charging, and turn to blue when full charged.


Features Explained:

  1. Intelligent Eye Massager: The newest intelligent eye massager . With comprehensive function and elegant appearance, the wireless electric eye massager can help you to relieve eye fatigue and reduce eye circles, providing you comfortable and pleasant experience.
  2. Five Massage Modes to Relieve Eye Fatigue: There are integrated mode, clear mode, sleeping mode, vitality mode and smart mode in total. The air pressure, vibration, hot compress and music functions are combined in different modes to make you enjoy eye massage spa.
  3. One Click Control: Equipped with clear LCD display, it’s easy to switch different modes with one click button loop. Automatic 15 minutes timing is set to save power and protect your eyes. Just enjoy your massage after one day work and fatigue
  4. Convenient Bluetooth Connection: The bluetooth connection enables you to enjoy your favorite music while massaging after connecting the eye massager with your smart phone.
  5. Portable and Rechargeable: The eye massager are 180° foldable, making it small to put in your bag and carry in travel. The strap is adjustable to fit different faces. Built-in 1500mAh rechargeable battery, it is easy to charge with USB charging cable.


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Our Tip: Use this “Electric Eye Massager Machine” to help you with your well-deserved relaxation.

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