Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Face Tracking Camera – Phone Holder

Old Price: Original price was: 66,50 €.New Price: Current price is: 49,90 €.


Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Face Tracking Camera Phone Holder

Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Face Tracking Camera - Phone Holder Old Price: 66,50  Original price was: 66,50 €.New Price: 49,90 Current price is: 49,90 €.


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Auto Smart Shooting Selfie Stick 360° Object Tracking Holder All-in-one Rotation Face Tracking Camera Phone Holder


“Revolutionize Your Selfies with Auto Smart Shooting Camera Phone Holder – Get Flawless Shots Every Time with Face Tracking Technology and Happy Customers Rave About It!”



Features & Benefits:

  • Auto face tracking technology that ensures perfect shots every time
  • Hands-free and compact design for ease of use
  • Versatile compatibility with most smartphones



Product info:

1 Ordinary mobile phone holder

2. Core functions replace manual hand-held follow-up

3. Especially suitable for personal short video producers and live influencers. Realize that you can record video without others.


Product Description:

Product Name : 360° object tracking holder

App support : Apai Genie

Net weight: 185g

Size: 93 x 93 x 165.4mm (L x W x H)

Support for phone: 56-100mm

Power supply 1.5v No. 5 alkaline dry battery*3 (Batteries not included !!!)

Support system iOS 10.0 and later , Andriod 8.1 and later

Duration time: 50hours


Product Features:

1. 360° rotation

2. Object tracking

3. Face tracking

4. Smart shooting

5. AI composition

6. Horizontal and vertical switching

7.vlog shooting assistant artifact

8. Operational recommendations

9. Support for tripod mounting


Instructions for use:

Connecting Device

1.Make sure the 360° Object Tracking Holder is ON, the red light flashing, and the Holder is waiting for bluetooth connection

2.Make sure the Bluetooth on your device is ON

3.Launch the Holder Apai Genie companion app and within 6 seconds, the Holder will antomatically connect to your device.

NOTE: There is no need to manually pair the device via Bluetooth.


Packing include:

1* 360° object tracking holder (no battery included) 1* Manual ( Download ” Apai Genie” APP support )




  • “I never knew taking selfies could be so easy and effortless! This Auto Smart Shooting Camera Phone Holder has completely changed the game for me.”
  • “I love how I don’t have to struggle to get the perfect angle anymore. The face tracking technology works like a charm!”
  • “This compact and portable design is a lifesaver for all my travel adventures. I can now capture amazing shots effortlessly!”



Q: Does the holder work with all types of phones?

A: The holder is compatible with most smartphones via bluetooth, but it’s always best to check the dimensions before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

Q: Is it difficult to set up?

A: No, the setup is quick and easy with simple instructions provided.

Q: Can it be used for other purposes besides taking selfies?

A: Yes, the holder can also be used for recording videos, live streaming, and much more.

Q: Is it durable?

A: Yes, the holder is made with high-quality materials and built to last.



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